Local History & Genealogy

Local History and Genealogy Books

Welcome to the Local History & Genealogy page. The collection is housed in the library’s Guinn Room and is available to the public whenever the library is open. All of the collection can be borrowed with exception of the Boone County Collection.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to foster an environment that supports the pursuit of family and local history through the development of collections, provision of instruction and facilitating networking among genealogists and historians.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a leading genealogy and local history authority in and about our area through our development of collections, staff expertise and partnerships with other genealogical and historical organizations and repositories.”

Our Values

  • The preservation of family history records and materials.
  • The preservation of local area history records and materials
  • Free access to all records
  • Delivery of services to users regardless of level of genealogy experience or expertise
  • Training materials available for loan
  • Confidentiality of patron requests
  • Treatment of all users with respect
  • Availability and ability of staff to respond to most users’ research needs
  • On-going learning and professional development for staff
  • The use of technology and innovation to deliver information to our users
  • Partnerships with community organizations
  • Use of resources by non-members or those outside of our community
  • Encouragement of the pursuit of genealogy and local history research